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DeepSea brings advertisers, agencies, and publishers to a wider programmatic ads ecosystem preventing wasted ad spend and ad space. We seek to monetize publisher assets among the 917Ventures ecosystem and beyond to seamlessly integrate both parties into a broader programmatic ad system.

We strive to be an adtech platform built on enabling and establishing a unified ecosystem to drive the Philippine digital advertising industry to the forefront.

DeepSea is powered by 917Ventures, Globe’s corporate venture builder that ideates, launches, accelerates, and scales new businesses that have the potential to grow.

Revolutionizing Programmatic Digital Advertising

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What we do for advertisers and agencies

Advertisers and agencies typically experience inaccurate ad targeting, poor data quality, and limited audience categories. Our Data Management Platform aids this with first-party data across a variety of audiences that target the right people.

What we do for publishers

Publishers can experience tedious one-on-one selling of ad inventory, and programmatic selling can have questionable and irrelevant ads and execution. Our Private Marketplace solves this with real-time bidding of premium and coveted digital assets.

Our Partners

We work closely with partners to provide our agencies, advertisers, and publishers a great experience with DeepSea’s Data Management Platform and Private Marketplace.

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